Fair Trending


Fair Trending is an objective ranking of today's most popular videos. We were inspired to build Fair Trending after noticing how inconsistently known popular videos would appear on the official trending page. That, in addition to the confidentiality of the trending algorithm, led us to wonder how strong of a role objective metrics played in selecting the top trending videos.

Our goal with Fair Trending is to enable people to find the videos that are popular without having to worry about editorialized results. We also hope that, as an unbiased ranking, it encourages creators to focus on making content that their audience wants to watch without having to worry as much about conforming to the subjective standards of a platform gatekeeper.

How Does it Work?

Fair Trending's ranking algorithm is not unlike the algorithms of other popular aggregator sites. Videos are given a score according the following formula:

`log_(10)(v * l / (l + d)) - 1 / (60 * 60 * 12) * t`

A simple way to understand this formula is that a video loses a point every 12 hours and gains a point every time it grows by 10x. In other words, a video's score will not change if its view count grows by 10x in 12 hours. These constants were tuned to keep popular videos around for about a day.

Who made this?

Fair Trending was created by Rian Hunter. Hosting, testing, and feedback was donated by Brian Smith. More testing, and feedback was donated by Andrea Brizuela. We value the open nature of the internet as much as you do. If you like the site and have ideas about how it can be better, don't hesitate to send feedback.